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Darren Mayor -  Darren was born in Cardiff and grew up in an Evangelical church in Grangetown, Cardiff where at the age of 10 he found faith in Jesus and felt a clear call to serve God in a full-time capacity. His career has been very eclectic including working for a church in Cardiff for four years, being the IMPACT Christian Schools Worker in Montgomeryshire since 1999, church leadership - Llanfyllin Community Church AOG minister 2003 – 2016 as well as helping establish a Scottish retirement home, farm labouring, local firefighting and to being an elected member of Powys County Council, where he served on the cabinet carrying the portfolio of Adult and Children Social Services and Housing. This has given Darren  a wealth of experience and understanding of meeting the spiritual and social needs of people from many diverse backgrounds and situations, both on a local and national level.

Shan Mayor - Shan grew up on a farm just outside Llanfyllin – Cornorion Fach  - her parents being John and Pat Ellis and attended Soar and Tabernacle Llanfyllin with her family. She had always had a faith in God and love of his word but during her teens had challenged everything about Christianity thinking Christianity was something people believed in just to help them cope with death …and life ! However, in 1984 she decided she wanted to find out if there was an absolute truth or no no. To do this she decided she would start with Jesus first them move on to other religions – Islam/ Buddhism if Jesus failed to be true. So on a weekend away with some Christians, she prayed to God without telling anyone else suggesting if the claims of Jesus were true and He were alive today Jesus should be able to speak to her directly.

That night in the evening social gathering a person got up and said despite this not being a Church service, she felt God was asking her to share a song with someone who needed to know Jesus was alive today. A second person got up too to say he also felt God was asking him to tell someone the same.

Shan was very shocked but accepted on face value her prayers had been answered. The challenge then was not to just believe in Jesus but to choose to follow Him. This took quite a few months for Shan to grapple with whether she wanted to follow Jesus or not as she knew if she did it would mean a complete surrender to Him.

Eventually she did, as she realised if Jesus was who he said He was, then she had better do all she could in life, to give everyone an opportunity to have the choice to believe in Jesus and receive eternal life for themselves.

The Cross Keys is the outcome of her journey with Jesus to date and Shan loves sharing the love of God with others through The Cross Keys and giving everyone an opportunity to come and get to know God better and build with her and darren a community of love founded in Jesus